Thursday, 2 February 2012

How I Know What's My Passion ?

In this world, there are different kind of people they have different life style, different kind of thing and different Passion So its not easy to say that what's your passion .
      What you can do better than others... that's your PASSION
            What you are ready to do your whole life...that's your PASSION
                  What you find your self in..... that's your PASSION !!!

There is few suggestion's for you , you can read and decide :- what's your passion ?

* Mothers are willing to die for their kids .. that is more then simple passion in my opinion .

* Some's passion is music and dance they can't leave without music or there body are flexible so they almost dancing.

* Passion is about what you believe in most deeply, what's motivates you.

* Why do we have the passions that we do and not others? if i asking to you why one person crazy about his beloved but not another ? So now you will realized that its deeply feeling behind the Passion.

* There is biggest example of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar - The greatest Indian batsmen of the world. His birth date is 24 April 1973. Now is 38 year's old but till now he is passionate d about his game that's a PASSION.

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